Launch of ION’s EZ Vinyl 2 a Boost for Convert Technologies

Great news for Convert Technologies, as its client, ION Audio, a recognized leader in lifestyle consumer electronics, announces on Monday 27th August the introduction of EZ Vinyl 2, the latest version of their ground-breaking conversion software that enables people to convert their old analog vinyl records into digital files. ION Audio’s EZ Vinyl 2 converter app makes the conversion process quick and easy. Building upon the highly acclaimed original EZ Vinyl, version 2 adds Gracenote automatic track detection and improved track editing tools, all utilizing a powerful new engine developed in partnership with Convert Technologies.

Once in digital format, the music on those priceless old records can be preserved forever without any physical degradation and they can be played anywhere, in a wide variety of devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones/tablets and Kindle Fire. Files can also be saved to your computer via iCloud (on iOS) or Google Drive (Android).

To use EZ Vinyl2, customers need a USB turntable or tape player (ION models are recommended for best performance, but other brands of USB equipment are supported) and an adapter cable to connect their mobile device via USB.

EZ Vinyl 2 is immediately available for $9.99 on the Apple App Store; on Google Play and the Amazon App Store (For Kindle Fire Devices) the cost will be £9.99. Convert Technologies earns a percentage of every sale completed.

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Convert Technologies’ ground-breaking licensing model, working with large established brands who have market reach to drive excellent sales numbers, is starting to reap dividends. The big brands have the distribution, sales and marketing muscle, what they don’t have is an ability to innovate and that’s where Convert comes in.

With protected IP, grant money vindication, retail traction, a huge market to tap into and the potential to move into other sectors by licensing their tech, Convert is well placed to deliver a period of rapid growth.

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