Kings College Expert Discusses LIfT BioSciences Breakthrough

If you were unable to login to the recent webinar from LIfT BioSciences, you can listen in at your leisure after you sign a digital Non-Disclosure Agreement, as some of the information is extremely sensitive.

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On the webinar to discuss the company’s new breakthrough in its search for a cure to pancreatic cancer, was Dr Farzaneh, a professor and leading expert in Molecular Medicine and Cell Therapies at King’s College London.

Professor Farzaneh has been researching, developing and producing cell and gene therapy since 2001, and his cell therapy unit is one of the most advanced GMP Cell Production facilities in Europe.

He is a co-founder and former President of The International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy of Cancer and he received the SEBM Distinguished Scientist Award in 2016.

Dr Farzaneh is very optimistic about LIft’s progress, and its team which includes experts with decades of experience in clinical development and running trials, and an advisory board containing some of the leading experts in the field.

Have a look at this video to understand what they are doing.

Lift BioSciences from Shadow Foundr on Vimeo.

LIfT BioSciences’ patent-pending platform has been proven in the laboratory with mice, and in multiple in-vitro tests by different investigators. And now they are hoping to make their model central to the fight against cancer in the coming years. The team believes they are onto something quite special; however, they require funds to move things forward.

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From left to right: Professor Farzin Farzaneh, Dr Mojca Zelnikar, Dr Nico Bruyniks, Dr Kyriani Ioannou, Dr Renata Bruyniks

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