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Last Week to Invest Before Valuation Uplift

Momentum is certainly with Perfectly Spoken, with nearly £50k of investment pledged over recent days, as investors look to secure shares before the company increases its valuation at the end of next week.

There is now just over £40k of EIS shares available at the current pre-money valuation of £1m.

After demonstrating excellent early commercial traction, the company will be closing off the current round next Friday, August 30th, after which it is looking at potentially doubling this valuation.

Since launching its new English Teaching platform and monthly passive income subscription model last month, Perfectly Spoken has signed up nearly 30,000 new users – with no marketing spend.

And with more than 400 paying subscribers signed up in just over a month, equating to circa £4k of recurring revenue, the company is well on its way to having more than 3,000 paying users in less than 12 months (monthly revenue of more than £30k).

Management is executing according to plan and with some targeted marketing spend, is confident it can significantly build on this number, putting Perfectly Spoken firmly in the frame for institutional scaling capital.

With such outstanding early traction proving the concept, Management is now eager to close off the current funding round and look for further funding at a higher valuation next month.

As such, they are keeping the existing £1m pre-money valuation open to interested Shadow Foundr investors for just one more week, before closing this round on Friday August 30th and commencing a new raise at around double the current valuation. The company has a target valuation of £12.7m in 5 years’ time.

The digital learning market is currently valued at USD$3.8Bn and growing fast, reflecting an upward trend of learners transitioning from traditional classrooms to online.

This EdTech boom has seen some well documented acquisitions in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

To learn more about Perfectly Spoken you can click here. A webinar pitch from Founder and CEO David De Jager, along with a full Information Memorandum and the company’s latest update are all available.

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