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April and May have been exciting months for JMango360. The company is on track to hit the milestones envisioned in its projections.

To summarise, the management is especially pleased with the milestones achieved with both customers and agencies in the United Kingdom, launching live Progressive Web App (PWA) with of one their clients, and with the progress made on B2B enterprise deals.

Partnership BigCommerce UK strengthened:

  • Platform integration live, integrated product ready
  • First launching customers in UK closed
  • First launching agencies in UK closed

Next big thing in e-commerce “Progressive Web App (PWA)” developed:

  • PWA live on Prestashop platform (one of JMango360’s clients)
  • One of the largest Magento agency expressed interest to partner with JMango360 to develop a global PWA e-commerce platform.

Progress B2B enterprise deals:

  • African project: development on track, customer satisfied, product launch in Africa expected end of June.
  • A large French omni-channel company just raised EUR 100m and is looking to integrate with JMango to include mobile in their proposition.
  • Two large deals in South East Asia are in closure stage.

Furthermore, the CEO, Berry de Kort will be in London upcoming Monday and Tuesday for discussion with potential investors. If you have specific questions or would like to meet up with the CEO please let us know, and we will organise the meeting for you.

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