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Already developed and generating revenue, Green Light Change’s (GLC) Software-as-a-Service platform, Insight, is saving its multinational customers, millions of pounds.

Rambol A/S, a £1.2bn global construction company, is one of Insight’s biggest supporters, with management highlighting the platform has sustainably achieved a €4.2M, 12% increase to its bottom line. An extension to deploy the platform across the company’s remaining projects is now being finalised.

With Rambol so satisfied with the platform, advanced discussions are underway with several other major global construction and infrastructure giants looking to deploy GLC’s Insight.

Developed by a highly impressive team, Insight, gives trusted, real-time control of profitability back to project managers, taking the risk and uncertainty out of complex project delivery.

It connects everyone involved in a company’s projects, across all its business functions; and does so without disrupting a company’s existing processes; offering full integration with existing systems and Excel™ spreadsheets.

This means fast adoption (4-16 weeks); no steep learning-curve for staff; no need for radical IT infrastructure changes; and almost immediate cost and resource benefits for clients.

No longer hindered by inflexible software, company executives can apply fast, informed decision-making to improve project outcomes, increase margins, outperform the competition and increase their bottom-line and shareholder value.

Whilst GLC’s initial focus is on the construction industry, Insight is a platform technology that can be applied to many other vertical markets where organisations deliver products or services as projects.

Amongst other industries, GLC’s recurring revenue model could be applied to M&A, aerospace, consulting services, and business transformation across all sectors.

With a product that is delivering and a proven team and Advisory Board in place, GLC is positioning for acquisition by a much larger software company.

Examples of acquisitions in this space include Oracle which acquired Primavera to get into the Construction project business and then Aconex in 2018 to augment its product offerings.

GLC is raising £220k at a modest pre-money valuation of £1.8m. The platform has been built and big blue-chip customers are embracing it. To learn more about GLC, please click here.

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