Incredible Names in Cudos Advisory Team

Endorsing the view that Cudos could be one of the major players in the Web3 space is the company’s eye-catching Advisory team, whose wealth of combined experience in a multitude of different fields in tech, makes them highly strategic and advantageous additions to the business.

Cudos is powering the metaverse by connecting decentralised finance, NFTs and gaming experiences, in order to make the vision of a decentralised Web 3.0 a reality, allowing any users of the metaverse to make the most from the growth of the network.

Their impressive board of advisors is made up of the following five hugely successful and widely experienced individuals.
Chris Deering, American businessman and marketer, widely known for his role as president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

He is trusted as one of the main marketers of the extraordinarily successful PlayStation and PlayStation 2 video game consoles, warranting his title as ‘The Father of the PlayStation’.

His background at PlayStation, massively contributing to a more vibrant experience for the gaming community, and accumulating years of experience in the gaming and virtual reality industry, makes Chris Deering an invaluable advisor, who is bound to make a significant impact in propelling Cudos forward.

Deering’s rich experience also makes him a highly strategic addition to the board of advisors, as he can bring valuable insight to the way the gaming industry and Cudo Compute will be brought together.

Maggie Fang, the Founder and CEO of Wynsun Capital Management, a private equity fund whose portfolio includes Alibaba, Uber and WeWork.

Maggie is an advisor to, not only Cudos, but also several other early and growth stage tech companies focused on social media, AI, blockchain and more.

Her wealth of experience working at prestigious banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, as well as her advisory roles at companies who are at the cutting-edge of new technologies and AI, makes her another strategic addition to Cudos’ board of advisors.

Jorg Roskowetz is the director of Product Management & Blockchain Technology for the Radeon Technology Group at AMD, an American semiconductor company.

As the lead of Blockchain Technology, Roskowetz’s experience working with strategic enterprise partners on Blockchain based solutions, is highly relevant for Cudos.

This is in addition to his focus on building a network of web3 applications and platforms by working towards more advanced web3 adoption, certain to provide highly advantageous insight to Cudos.

Co-founder and CEO of Fortmatic, Sean Li created an alternative to the software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain, MetaMask, which does not require any installations.

As the creator of Kinematic, a tool making Docker, a set of platform-as-a-service platforms, accessible on Mac and Windows.

Following its acquisition by Docker, Sean Li became the product lead for Docker Desktop, creating a significant impact of millions of developers, and sure to make an important impact on Cudos.

Malcom Tuck is an experienced senior executive and current Managing Director of Eset UK, as well as a previous board member and Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab, the world’s third largest IT Security vendor.

Between 2008, when Malcom Tuck first joined Kaspersky as UK Managing Director, and the following 8 years, he managed to achieve significant market share, making him an important and highly beneficial member of Cudos’ board of advisors.

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