HS2 Joins EMSOL’s upcoming ‘Air Quality in Rail’ Webinar

HS2 Limited has just announced it will participate in an online webinar on ‘air quality in rail’, to be hosted by EMSOL this Friday, March 27th.

Entitled Air Quality in Rail – Why it’s important to you, your staff, neighbours and passengers, and what you can do to take action, EMSOL’s webinar is perfect for anyone concerned about the effects of poor air quality.

The webinar will feature leaders in air quality from the rail industry, to share knowledge and debate on this extremely hot topic. It will cover the data collected from the longest study of air quality in UK railway stations ever carried out; a 9-month Innovate UK project, in which EMSOL collaborated with Network Rail and East West Rail Alliance.

Founder Freddie Talberg said that some of the results to be shared during the session were surprising and that he believed the data insights collected in the study could drive targeted improvements in air quality for the rail industry.

Transport emissions (including rail) are the biggest source of air pollution in the UK. It is estimated that there are 40,000 early deaths in the UK per year, as a result of air pollution.

Addressing poor air quality from transportation is therefore a priority for local and national government legislation, which in turn, is driving business investments.

Key stakeholders are demanding evidence about emissions, their impact, and what is being done in response.

Founded in 2017, EMSOL uses a data-focused online dashboard platform to identify when, where and from whom, local air quality issues arise; enabling councils to take action to improve air quality.

If you are interested in logging into this Friday’s webinar, please click here for more information.

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