Greentech’s Emerging Sub-Sectors

Greentech is at the forefront of curbing climate change and is emerging across a variety of growth industries.

Green tech describes the development and use of technology to confront the climate crisis, to advance the conservation of the earth’s resources and to reduce the negative impacts on the natural environment caused by human activity.

Greentech companies distinguish themselves from other high-growth sustainable companies by factoring environmental awareness into their innovative technologies and areas of scientific research.

Here are some of the most common emerging sub-sectors within green tech, according to Beauhurst data, which covered 58% of cleantech companies operating within the green tech space.

Clean tech companies focus on developing and deploying technologies which aim to decrease the use of fossil fuels by providing alternative sources of energy, such as wind, solar, geothermal, and nuclear fusion.

Clean tech companies also aim to reduce our energy consumption and waste, providing energy efficient and carbon zero applications.

Agritech is a fast-emerging sub-sector as part of green tech and refers to the use of technology for farming that is developed in order to bolster efficiency and profitability.

In other words, agritech supports progress in crop yields, farm productivity and plant and animal health, working towards a larger goal of sustainability and waste reduction.

The agritech sector ultimately aims to reduce negative environmental impacts within the agriculture industry, which commonly has significant land, water and energy use, and a high carbon footprint.

As such, agritech includes anything from vertical farming to developing environmentally friendly pesticides.

With the rise of electric cars and planes along with the batteries which power them, transport is another note-worthy sub-sector of green tech.

Green transport therefore refers to any mode of transport which is powered by an alternative power source and as a result, produces minimal greenhouse gases.

Beauhurst tracks over 60 green tech companies in the automotive space, as green transport companies offer sustainable transport alternatives to consumers and business who are looking to reduce their carbon emissions.

Circular economies are another notable sub-sector of green tech, as companies centered around circular economies aim to design out waste, keep products and materials in use by repurposing them into new products and applications.

Circular economy companies not only help to reduce pollution, but also bring down the need to look to finite resources for new products and services.

In particular, companies innovating within the circular economy are developing new recycling technologies and alternatives to non-recyclable materials.

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