Google responding to AI competition

Google, having seen the threat to their business from the rapid adoption of Generative Pre-Trained (GPT) AI so it is aiming to release its own offerings of new AI-powered search tools this month, with even more features planned for later in the year, as reported by The New York Times.

To start the new features will be available exclusively in the US, initially released to a maximum of one million users. It’s currently unclear exactly what the tools will offer, but they will likely build on the conversational promise of Google’s experimental Bard chatbot that is being developed under the codename “Magi.”

The plans are part of Google’s efforts to counteract the growing threat posed by new AI systems like Microsoft’s Bing chatbot and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Many think these chatbots could one day replace traditional search engines like Google, despite their known short comings.

According to the NYT, Google’s position is so threatened that Samsung is considering replacing Google with Bing as the default search engine on its mobile devices.

In addition to new features developed as project Magi, Google is also planning a more radical rebuild of its search engine. However, the Times says there’s “no clear timetable on when it will release the new search technology.”

However, there is no need to wait for Google to add the power of GPT to its Google suite. Here are some tools that are available now:

  1. GPT for Google Sheets & docs

This extension is very popular and has been downloaded millions of times. It cleans lists, extracts entities and converts formats. Aside from that, it can also edit, summarize, translate and classify Google Sheets. That means any list of data can be easily cleaned and standardized.

Additionally, it can help you create on-brand ad copy, taglines and subject lines to engage customers. The extension allows you to stop swapping back and forth between tabs of Google Sheets and ChatGPT and has it all in one place instead.

  1. Flowrite

Flowrite is an AI-powered email writer tool that can help you be more productive in your inbox. The tool utilizes NLP and ML to understand the context and intent of your emails, allowing it to craft messages accordingly.

Flowrite offers a selection of predefined templates to create emails ranging from sales to customer support, passing by HR. The tool integrates with many popular email clients such as Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud Mail and of course GMail via a Chrome extension.

  1. Boomeranggmail

Boomerang has the ability to schedule meetings in one email. This helps you avoid the back and forth of trying to organize a meeting. It works with any email and calendar service provider that your guest uses. When you send out a meeting request, you will choose a set of times that are good for you and email it to your guest. So all your guests need to do is click a time inside that email and the meeting is scheduled in both your calendars.

Boomerang also allows you to set reminders, such as following up on an unpaid invoice or reminding yourself to do a task. If you need to send an important email, but you do not want to send it immediately, then you can schedule your emails to go out at a later time.

  1. SlideGenie

SlideGenie is slide presentation creation tool that utilises ChatGPT to turn a short input into a bulleted Google Slides, giving you a head start on the creation processes saving a significant amount, or helping with generating ideas and brainstorming.

If offers a range of settings to help control the output volume, styles, formatting, tone and more. It also includes an AI generated image for the cover page using DALLE-2, so you know you you’ll get something that will match you content.

(Source: the verge)

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