Genesis Secures Key Trials & Commercial Deals

Genesis has secured an order to provide its product to Irish local carrier, Real Broadband. The initial order is for a Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Genesis solution, providing gigabit broadband service to business parks and apartments throughout the Republic of Ireland (Eire).

Real Broadband, based in Tralee in Country Kerry, Eire, was established in 2003, with a focus on providing high speed broadband across Eire and into mainland Europe.

Real Broadband is a service provider, competing against the incumbent carrier Eir, whose mission is to become the leading service provider in Eire and Europe delivering superfast speeds to MDUs/MTUs/ Business parks and national enterprise customers.

The order was facilitated by the recent launch of the new Genesis GHub™ which provided Real Broadband with a lower-cost customer product while enabling the delivery of gigabit speeds to their residential and business subscribers. This service capability was in direct contrast with 50 megabits currently being provided by the incumbent carrier, Eir.

Utilising the Genesis Element Management System (GEMS™), GSLAM (Genesis DSLAM®) and the new GHub™, the first deployment of the Genesis MDU solution will target four buildings covering 69 apartments in County Kerry with the order to be deployed by the end of Q1 2021 (subject to any government restrictions).

This will subsequently be followed by further deployments throughout Eire where Genesis expects potential orders in 2021 to be valued in excess of €500,000.

Meanwhile, Genesis has successfully concluded a trial with Moby, a Calgary headquartered service provider, resulting in Moby’s agreement to start further field trials in Alberta, Canada immediately. Alberta trials should pave the way towards commercial sales and deployment in Q2 2021.

Moby, a division of Western Fibre Communications Corp., is an independent triple-play telecom company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

Moby’s triple-play solutions involve the provision of Internet, TV and phone to residential and enterprises in Calgary, and recently extended across Edmonton and cities in British Columbia. Moby designs, builds and manages its own dedicated infrastructure, not relying on reselling the incumbent’s services.

The success of both these trials should pave the way towards immediate commercial sales and deployment. The immediate opportunity over the next twelve months for Genesis includes retrofitting three thousand already deployed units, replacing Moby’s current vendor with Genesis technology.

Additionally, Genesis will support the continued growth of Moby into Edmonton and British Columbia deploying tens of thousands of units in older buildings with revenue in the tens of millions of dollars. This will include Moby’s recent bidding success for the deployment of one thousand plus units in an eight-building business park.

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