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Genesis Tech Systems has secured a trial of its residential and enterprise products with Ontario-based network operator, WireIE Holdings International Inc. (WireIE). The trial will be held at WireIE’s facilities in Toronto, Canada in September 2019.

Founded in 2007, WireIE builds, owns, and operates data networks for its blue-chip customers in the telecom carrier, oil and gas, utility and government industries. WireIE has partnerships with Canada’s leading national telecom carriers and, in the first instance, the partnership will primarily focus on WireIE’s existing telecom customers, Bell Canada and TELUS.

By utilising Genesis’ Subscriber Access Node (SAN) devices at the customer site, Genesis’ Access Service Manager (ASM) in the Exchange/Central Office and DSL Broadband Extenders (DBEs) in the outside network, the trial will demonstrate how Genesis’ line aggregation technology can boost bandwidths over fiber and long copper circuits with a view to delivering on government legislated Universal Service Obligation (USO) commitments in rural locations as well as providing gigabit superfast broadband services in cities.

The trial will validate various business cases of Genesis solutions in the WireIE network targeting urban, suburban and rural deployments. The trial will showcase Genesis solutions delivering speeds in urban cities of at least 500Mbps and in rural Canada speeds of at least 50Mbps.

“The WireIE trial is an important step in Genesis securing first orders with Canadian telecom carriers, TELUS and Bell Canada. As we head towards the trial, WireIE will be courting TELUS and Bell Canada with a view to securing follow-on carrier trials to demonstrate WireIE’s improved network capability utilizing Genesis’ patented products.” said Peter Khoury, CEO and General Counsel at Genesis Technical Systems.

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