Genesis Opens Jamaica Office to Serve Caribbean & South America

Genesis Tech Systems has established a new office in Jamaica to support the remarkable growing customer traction they have seen there.

Having been in high level negotiations with carriers in Jamaica who have highlighted connectivity issues on the island, Genesis has joined forces with local deployment and financial partners to address the many exciting business opportunities that have been identified.

With a population of approximately 2.73 million (including 55.99% in urban areas and cities) Jamaica provides Genesis with a massive opportunity to provide ultrafast broadband to anyone, anywhere on the island.

In August 2020, the average mobile internet download speed in Jamaica was 38.11 Mbps. Mobile internet outperformed fixed-line broadband in terms of download, but not in upload speed. In the latter, fixed broadband speed averaged 13.78 Mbps, in comparison to 11.66 Mbps for mobile internet source.

Jamaica’s geography of hills and mountains scattered throughout the island make wireless and trenching fibre economically unviable broadband options.

The solutions Genesis offer, avoid the many constraints presented in Jamaica and can better existing bandwidth speeds. Management is confident that Jamaicans could be receiving 100 times this bandwidth with speeds in excess of a gigabit after implementing our GMax™ solution.

To show their commitment, in December 2020, the Government announced the rollout of a national broadband network costing up to $237 million.

The funding will be spent on improving connectivity in underserved areas, improving access to education, and deploying networks to public locations such as hospitals, municipal institutions, and police stations and local carriers may be able to access funds and support.

In an exciting development for the business, Jamaica provides a gateway to the rest of the Caribbean and South America, which are also struggling to provide decent broadband to their customers.

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