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On the back of their recent successful trial for British Telecom (BT), Geneis Tech Systems’ trial conducted for NextGenAccess (NGA) was also a tremendous success.

The trial was again held in Genesis’ Customer Centre of Excellence in Coventry, and as with the BT trial, Genesis was able to showcase the extensive capabilities of the Genesis Local Access solution, including Genesis’ residential and enterprise product offerings.

By utilising Genesis’ Subscriber Access Nodes (SANs) devices at the customer site and Genesis’ Access Service Manager (ASM) in the Exchange/Central Office, the trial was also able to demonstrate how various service providers or BT Communications Providers (CPs) in the UK including NGA can deliver services to customers over the BT access network.

The trial for NGA therefore closed the circle with the previous trial for BT, validating how both firms can provide superfast broadband across the BT access network utilising Genesis technology.

Like the BT trial, broadband speeds achieved at the NGA trial on the residential platform SAN-R exceeded their expectations. Speeds of 500 Mbps utilising the standard 17a profile and fiber-like speeds in excess of 1 Gbps utilising the 35b profile were achieved!

Management believes the success of this NGA trial will pave the way towards imminent commercial sales. NGA have now proposed the Genesis technology and are engaged with the following leading UK telecom service providers:

  • National service provider TalkTalk; how legacy EFM equipment which is now end of life must be replaced. Current units deliver a total of less than 35Mb/s. The SAN-R just utilising basic VDSL2 17a service which is ubiquitous across BT would deliver in excess of 150Mb/s, fully differentiating the Talk-Talk broadband service against other competitive carriers
  • Global media company Sky; delivering a supercharged instant migration path from existing technology delivering a maximum of 60Mb/s to a service powered by Genesis delivering in excess of 250Mb/s
  • UK listed energy company SSE; by adopting Genesis technology which can deliver gigabit speeds, it will enable SSE to compete head to head with global cable provider, Virgin Media CaTV fibre services

NGA have also confirmed other projects including Schools, colleges, HS1 (High speed rail-link) and other access opportunities for the SAN range already where the potential NGA homes and enterprises served by Genesis technology will be in the tens of thousands.

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