Genesis Launches Carrier Trial Platform

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses and customers work together as we all have to comply with global government lockdown policies which has restricted carriers’ ability to work with suppliers as a result of dramatically reduced resources.

To overcome this obstacle Genesis Technical Systems (Genesis) is excited to announce that it has launched its virtual Carrier Trial Platform (CTP), which will engage both existing and new telecom carriers in undertaking virtual trials of Genesis’ suite of products via remote access capability from their offices in Coventry.

This platform allows carriers to remotely access and validate Genesis products from the comfort of their home offices.

Several carrier use-cases have been developed to accommodate various settings from urban, multi-dwelling units (MDUs) to rural scenarios. We are also able to customize the platform if there are any specific test cases a carrier wishes to trial.

Group Chief Executive Officer, Peter Khoury said, “Although early days, this new capability is opening countless opportunities for our existing carriers who may want to initiate trials much sooner than previously anticipated.”

“This virtual platform also enables Genesis to conduct trials with several carriers concurrently, hence shortening the time for customer deployment. Our products are delivering outstanding performance and are ready for these virtual carrier trials”

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