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Genesis Technical Systems has entered into a strategic partnership with an Ontario-based network operator, WireIE Holdings International Inc. (WireIE),

Founded in 2007, WireIE builds, owns, and operates data networks for its blue-chip customers in the telecom carrier, oil and gas, utility and government industries. WireIE’s core value proposition is to provide carriers with the ability to deliver high-quality network services to their commercial customers in underserved areas without having to build and manage circuits. WireIE has partnerships with Canada’s leading national telecom carriers.

Genesis’ and WireIE share a similar vision with the partnership addressing a large and growing need, with U.S. and Canadian government legislation mandating high-speed broadband as an essential service with minimum speeds in the US of 25 Mbps and in Canada of 50Mbps.

In the first instance, the partnership will primarily focus on WireIE’s existing telecom customers, Bell Canada and TELUS. Genesis will look to expand WireIE’s current network infrastructure to provide new enhanced broadband services to these Canadian carriers, increasing broadband speeds to these areas by tenfold.

Rob Barlow, President & Chief Executive Officer of WireIE says, “WireIE is delighted to be partnering with Genesis to provide super-fast broadband to our Tier 1 carrier space. Our joint solutions will deliver a fully managed service through the delivery of their advanced and patented, DSL based technology, that enhances our existing product portfolio and balances our customers’ service objectives with cost.”

“The WireIE partnership is an exciting and important channel in Genesis securing first orders with Canadian Tier 1 telecom carriers, TELUS and Bell Canada.

“Exploiting WireIE’s current penetration into these carriers, alongside own own efforts working directly with these companies, will allow Genesis to expedite its deployment of its residential and enterprise solutions into major Canadian telecom companies.” said Peter Khoury, CEO and General Counsel at Genesis Technical Systems.

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