LIVE EVENT: Exciting Developments at Fairmoney

Fairmoney®, a company which is set to revolutionize the UK Loans Comparison sector, has a raft of positive news to share with Shadow Foundr’s investors which, it expects, will significantly enhance the value of the company. This news is outlined below and will be expanded upon at the company’s webinar next Wednesday 18th July at 7.30pm.

Firstly, Fairmoney® will be adding a number of prestigious new lenders to its customer offering in the next few weeks to enhance its offer of the best, most relevant loan products of any Price Comparison website (PCW).

Next, Fairmoney® will be announcing the details and positive impact of its enhanced digital marketing strategy which has been many months in the making.

Thirdly, Fairmoney® is working on developments in Open Banking and will use Machine Intelligence techniques to proactively suggest loans and other financial services products to customers which best fit their needs. This is seen as the next big thing in PCWs and Fairmoney® is ahead of the curve.

Finally, news wise, a UK government-funded organisation is looking at providing Fairmoney® with £200-£300k of government equity capital funding.

Fairmoney® expects that, taken together, these developments will likely significantly enhance the value of the company in the near term and is, therefore, an opportunity for investors to still invest at the current share price of £2,000.

Fairmoney® is a “new generation”, multi-dimensional loans comparison website, designed to provide fair and bespoke consumer loan products for its customers. Already established with a large customer base and fully operational, Fairmoney® intends to disrupt a very profitable but unfair, bloated and complacent price comparison website industry with breakthrough technology, design and transparency.

Fairmoney® is seeking to raise £600k in this round, which equates to 30% of the business. The campaign is being undertaken to fuel ambitious growth plans aimed at quickly becoming the USwitch of the loans industry in the UK. To date, £150k has been raised in the early pre-funding phase and the first weeks of the actual raise.

Fairmoney® foresees a trade sale to one of the larger PCWs as the most likely exit within three years, but an acquisition by a private equity or financial services group is possible, as is an IPO.

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