Dynamic Flow – Summary

Based out of Loughborough University, Dynamic Flow Technologies Ltd (DFTL) is a waste management company which has spent the past 7 years developing their unique and patented non-intrusive Microwave WasteWater Meter.

The WasteWater meter is a device that cheaply, accurately, and reliably measures wastewater flows inside sewer pipes.

While this may not be the most glamourous headline, Dynamic Flow is extremely innovative in its approach, as prior to their WasteWater meter, it was almost impossible to accurately calculate the range of wastewater flows inside sewer pipes.

This meant that companies and individuals were being charged by waste management services, based largely on guess work.

This has particular relevance now, as April 2017 saw the introduction of the deregulation of the Water industry, meaning that 1.3 million people will be looking for a better and more efficient way of being charged.

As well as solving this problem, DFTL’s WasteWater Meter offers Remove Access Service to Cloud “Big Data”, real-time flood and sewer management, and various power options.

The product uses non-intrusive microwave technology, and is unique and fully patented.

DTFL hopes that its technology can be at the forefront of wastewater metering for many years.

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