DRENL – Business Summary

In a world where the environment is constantly being compromised, waste-to-energy development company DRENL are trying to make a positive impact.

DRENL take waste that would otherwise end up in landfill, and using state of the art technology, they convert waste into energy.

The process of converting the waste into energy is as follows:

  1. Vehicles deliver waste and unload it into a pit and hopper.
  2. Waste is fed into a ‘materials sorter’ to differentiate between materials that can’t be recovered and those that can.
  3. Materials are sorted, using several methods, including screen, drums, air jets, optical devices and sometimes by hand.
  4. Any material that cannot be recovered are shredded into a Refused Derived Fuel (RDF), and any that are get shipped to offsite recycling points.
  5. The RDF then undergoes an Advanced Thermal Treatment, known as gasification. It is heated so that it produces a gas called “syngas”. This is a safe and controlled operation.
  6. The syngas is then burnt and the hot gases used to create steam. The steam is used to turn the turbines to generate electricity.

This process is fully approved by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and makes a dramatic difference to the way that waste products are managed.


DRENL works with lots of local companies, something that they pride themselves on. There methodology involves not only removing waste and providing energy for these communities, but working closely with them, listening to their needs and providing jobs.

DRENL’s Executive Chairman and founder is James E. Braithwaite (OBE), a successful and internationally recognised business owner.

His prior business ventures include founding Epic Media in 1989, which soon went one to become one of Europe’s biggest multimedia companies.

Jim has been a key proponent of the Innovation and Environmental Industry sectors in the South East region throughout the last decade, as Chairman of SEEDA and Pathway to a Circular Economy in the South East, the successor to European Pathway to Zero Waste for London and South East England Regions.

The company’s DC is Paul Cuttill (OBE). Paul’s background is in the UK energy Sector, where he worked for over 30 years.

During his career, he held a range of senior appointments with EDF Energy plc, including Chief Operating Officer, Power Networks.

Paul is a Board member of Strategy International Limited trading as The D Group, one of the UK’s leading business networking organisations.

In June 2004, Paul was appointed by HRH The Prince of Wales, an Ambassador for Corporate Responsibility in the London Region.

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