Doing Everything Possible to Vet our Investment Opportunities

A key consideration for investors prior to releasing funds is how to ensure their equity investments are trust-worthy and secure.

Being transparent about everything we do is a fundamental here at Shadow Foundr. And one of the most important processes in this regard is the due diligence we undertake on behalf of all our investors when we consider a new venture.

When Shadow Foundr launches a raise campaign on its platform, investors can rest assured that an exhaustive period of research has been undertaken and that the business has been verified at many levels.

Due diligence is an oft-quoted phrase in investment circles, but to many the details of this activity are sketchy at best. So, for clarity, here is a breakdown of all the things we do to check out a business before it is given the green light by Shadow Foundr:


We undertake rigorous checks on everything a company claims in its presentation pitch before we publish anything on our platform.

Due diligence

We conduct due diligence on the company, its legal structure and its directors before we choose to launch it as an investment opportunity. We also perform several key searches on the company in question, using a combination of public registers, third-party sources and information requested directly from the company.


We always give our investors direct access to the businesses we raise for, and put them in touch with the company’s senior executives, so they can inform their investment decisions by asking critical questions direct.

Corporate Documents

We insist on verifying the business by gaining sight of original corporate documents, including the Certificate of Corporation, Articles of Association, HMRC Advanced Assurance, VAT Certificate, Shareholders Agreement, Issued Share Capital, Trademark Certificate, IP Certificates, Proof of Insurance etc.


As an FCA-regulated company, Shadow Foundr seeks to protect investors as follows:

  • Verifying the identity of all investors who invest on the platform.
  • Holding investors’ funds in segregated accounts.
  • We only ever transfer investor funds to the campaign business once the funding target (or a pre-agreed percentage thereof) has been achieved.

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