Web3 Infrastructure Companies the Next Big Investment Opportunity

A recent article on Markets Insider has highlighted the potential of Web3 and the metaverse, which investment bank Jeffries said was an investment opportunity akin to the early days of the internet.

In the article, Head of Thematic Research at Jeffries Simon Powell was quoted on CNBC saying investors should be thinking about investing into the metaverse, like they were investing into the early internet.

He said investors should be focusing on the hardware providers first and foremost, then on the software providers, before finally turning their attention to companies that operate inside the technology.

He cited Cisco as the big investment opportunity from the early days of the internet and suggested infrastructure companies building the new technologies around Web3 and the metaverse should be the current focus for investors.

Cudos is one such company, building the infrastructure to facilitate these new technologies, in an environmentally friendly way.

Partnerships including AMD, Sapphire, Tingo International Holdings, Open University, Sfera Technologies, NexGen, Chainlayer, and Algorand amongst many more, provide an indication of the high esteem in which Cudos is held.

Traction to Date

  • £10m Revenue in 2021
  • >500,000 users
  • Major partnerships including AMD, Sapphire, Algorand, Animoca Brands and Chainlayer
  • 100% Carbon Neutral and Green Blockchain and Infrastructure
  • 2.2 million x more efficient than Ethereum

With such impressive traction, the Cudos funding round has now moved over the 50% mark, with in excess of £2.6m raised for the environmentally friendly blockchain company.

This current round is led by Asian-based game software company and VC, Animoca Brands, which has invested £1.2m; adding Cudos to its existing holdings, which include MetaMask, OpenSea, Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Atari and Veloce Racing.

The opportunity is EIS approved, and there is a highly informative webinar with founder Matt Hawkins on the Shadow Found platform, which provides a fascinating overview of Cudos’ vision and plans.

To learn more about this truly unique opportunity at an equally unique moment in time for technological advancement, please click here.

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