Cudos Set to Close Further £2.5m

Cudo Ventures is set to close a further £2.5m of investment over the coming weeks, to bring its funding round nearer to a close.

Following the UK Government’s recent declaration that it wants the UK to become a cryptoasset hub, the company received signed investment agreements totalling £2.5m, on top of the £2.7m which has already come to fruition.

The additional £2.5m will bring the company’s funding round to over £5m, giving management the option of closing the round early or providing investors with a time limit to bring in the remaining £800k of overfunding.

The additional investment is from several sources, including two high-net worth individuals with extensive founder experience.

Meanwhile, Cudos CEO and founder Matt Hawkins will be providing investors with an update on the business at Shadow Foundr’s next pitch and networking evening, 7pm on Tuesday, May 24th in London.

It is expected that the additional £2.5m of investment will be closed by then, meaning his pitch on the 24th could effectively become a “mopping up” exercise, as interest in Cudos remains extremely high.

To learn more about Cudo Ventures and their plan to make the Cudos network a vital part of the foundation of Web3, please click here.

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