Cudos Partners with to Reduce Wasted Computing

With a shared vision of sustainability, Cudos has strengthened its partnership with cloud services and solution provider, to develop pro – a platform to harness the spare computing power from professional data centres. pro is a white label build of Cudo Compute, providing highly scalable computing resources across Cudos’ global network of hardware, located in highly secure and compliant data centres. pro is designed for large enterprises and professional customers and is packed with additional features, along with an extra layer of security.

“With the Cudos technology, we will be able to offer our customers scalable computing power and cloud services with even higher security requirements and flexibility,” said Tobias Adler, CEO and Founder,

It is a strategic partnership as Cudo will build the underlying infrastructure layer for pro and make it a significant consumer of Cudo Compute. The association helps Cudo Compute gain access to newer markets and widens our audience globally.

The global Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market is expected to grow by $136.21 bn during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of 27%.

But even as the demand for cloud computing continues to grow, many computing resources are underutilised – 30% of server capacities sit idle in many data centres.

Enterprise organisations spend more than a million dollars a year on cloud computing, but a third of that spending goes to waste.

Cudo Compute and are aligned in building decentralised and sustainable computing platforms connecting the idle power of millions of hardware devices.

The decentralised cloud model benefits the suppliers with an opportunity to earn from their spare compute, and consumers gain access to highly scalable and resilient cloud infrastructure at a lower cost.

With its pro product, the platform aims to source computing power purely from professional data centres and offer features that include high-capacity GPU and CPU computing, global locations, certified and secure data centre environments, and 100% green energy locations.

Cudo Compute launched its alpha version recently, and in line with the release, pro alpha is being rolled out in the coming weeks for the first proof-of-concept customers to begin testing and provide feedback.

The alpha product targets B2B, B2C clients, and the scientific community to support scientific research requiring large computing calculations.

“Our core goal is to make better use of the world’s underutilised computing power,” commented Pete Hill, VP of Sales at Cudos.

“We are excited to partner with as they share the same vision. Our distributed network includes data centres and service providers worldwide and the pro platform will help us fill that capacity.

“The partnership helps us make inroads into new markets and allows us to scale and increase the demand levels on Cudo Compute,”

“Cudos shares many of’s values and have been an essential part of our vision from the beginning, namely sustainable cloud computing and technology used by small and large businesses, to support scientific advancement and other good causes,” added Tobias Adler.

“ was born from the idea of connecting the unused power of millions of hardware devices. The Cudos collaboration extends the concept to entire data centres with the corresponding flexibility for customers with higher security, scalability and availability.”’s goal is to capture a significant share of the fast-growing global cloud computing market and launch several innovative cloud computing products in Q2.

They plan to achieve this by offering different products tailored to the diverse needs of individuals and small businesses or large enterprises.

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