New Cambridge Facility Highlights UK’s Significance in Global Web3 Ecosystem

An impressive 2,800m² facility in Cambridge will foster research, improve collaboration, and bring together some of the most innovative projects, to cement the United Kingdom’s status as a leading research and innovation hub in the emerging Web3 space.

Operated by blocz IO, the facility will unite leading players in the UK blockchain sector, including the Cudos network, Filecoin, and the Cambridge Blockchain Society.

Formed in 2016, blocz IO is a leading cloud computing company offering a broad array of cloud solutions such as 5G connectivity, networking and cloud storage.

The company is headquartered in the facility and will play a leading role in hosting collaborative events to drive innovation through research, hackathons, partnerships and more.

Speaking on the facility’s importance to the UK’s rapidly growing Web3 sector, Lee Norvall blocz CEO said, “The decentralised nature of Web3 creates relatively little incentive for large scale centralised infrastructure.”

“Yet, there remains a critical need for hardware to support the growing needs of the industry and for research hubs that facilitate deeper collaboration between projects and stakeholders aspiring to lead the evolution from Web2 to Web3. This facility represents a major step towards realising these goals”.

Among the hub’s many impressive features is a data centre, research and innovation workspaces, catering facilities and a unique immersion cooling system that recycles server heat for building heating.

The facility’s data centre can continue operations uninterrupted in a power outage, thanks to a highly resilient mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

The site is List X-approved, meaning it is rated as highly secure by the UK government, and qualified to hold information classified as “confidential” and above. It is fully equipped with innovative amenities that support computation and storage capabilities, as well as research and conventions.

Facility exterior


Last month, blocz and Cudos announced a major partnership that recognises the significance of the Cambridge innovation hub.

Cudos is a decentralised cloud and computation blockchain aiming to meet the cloud computing demands of the future by recycling spare hardware capacity.

The network, supported by a slew of recognisable names such as Algorand and AMD, is expected to release its mainnet later this month.

The Cambridge facility will support research towards realising the Cudos vision and host hardware for Cudo Compute once it goes live.

On the partnership, Chris Ward-Jones, blocz’s COO commented, “We are excited to cement our relationship with Cudos.”

“As founding partners of the Open Grid Alliance, we see Cudos’ technology as critical to the evolution of Web3, and we have been championing their products for some time.

“Being in a position to collaborate now is very exciting. We can collectively work towards filling the market gap and evolve the technology landscape.”

Other key players with an established presence in the hub include the Cambridge Blockchain Society (CBS) and Filecoin.

Founded by students at Cambridge University, the CBS aims to foster and accelerate the development of a thriving Web3 ecosystem in Cambridge and beyond.

The society, which boasts a global network of students, institutions, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry partners, is highly distributed and represents a potentially significant resource for projects in the Web3 space.

blocz IO is one of the Open Grid Alliance founding members, a consortium that aims to rearchitect the internet utilising edge technologies.

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