Cudos Launches Crypto Passive Earning in Africa with KamPay

Cudos taps into the computing power of yet more underutilised devices Africa, allowing users to be financially rewarded by recycling the spare compute of their mobile devices.

Following the partnership with Tingo International Holdings, with the vision of ending the poverty premium in Nigeria, the Cudos blockchain and computing network has partnered with KamPay to increase its community reach to another twenty countries in Africa.

This opens the monetisation application to millions more users and brings passive crypto earning opportunities to anyone with an underutilised device.

KamPay has a DeFi stack designed for the African continent. Working together with key partnerships across the continent, KamPay is looking to achieve an African economic revolution with low-fee crypto wallet and transactions, internet-less crypto capabilities, earning opportunities for participants, and educational programs for youth.

Through its unique SMS crypto wallet, coding academy, agriculture micro lending program, and gaming and lottery partnerships, they have expanded their work throughout the continent, demonstrated by KamPay’s EcoSystem adoption across CAR, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Gambia, Niger, Chad and Tanzania.

Cudos will provide its monetisation application to KamPay’s vast spanning network and provide passive earning potential to millions.

The KAMPAY token will provide a new economic solution for Africans, where users can utilise devices they already own to earn passive income.

“Our project is about giving people in Africa more opportunities and options,” said CEO of KamPay, Chris Cleverly.

“African cultures embrace innovation, and African people present a demand for alternatives to traditional banking, as 95 million African residents are unbanked.

“We’ve seen this with mobile money, and now with crypto currencies, as, according to Chainanalysis, the continent has the world’s fastest crypto adoption rates.“The African market embraces these alternative options openly. To African residents it means accessible financial freedom. And now, thanks to this partnership with Cudos, we will enable people to use their devices as a way to earn passive income. It’s truly remarkable.”

The shared values of sustainable tech development, democratisation, equality, and economic empowerment of communities have inspired this partnership.

Simultaneously, this is about designing a brighter future by reducing the ecological impact of computing through the Cudos monetisation application.

“Social impact is very important to us, and while some of our partnerships reinforce our energy efficiency and scalability, this one is another step towards making a difference on a personal level for many people”, said Pete Hill, VP of Partnerships at Cudos.

“Our goal is to create a circular economy of financial inclusion, security and democratised cloud resources, and with partners like KamPay, we will be better equipped to end the Poverty Premium.”

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