Cudo Compute Launches as Round Closes

Having raised just shy of £5m, Cudos is closing its funding round in conjunction with the imminent launch of its much-anticipated Cudo Compute platform (

This funding round will provide the company with 2 years of clear runway, however the launch of Cudo Compute is an absolute gamechanger for the business, as this is the platform set to launch Cudos into the mainstream.

Many believe the Cudo Compute platform is set to become instrumental in the future of decentralised internet and Web 3.0 technologies, as this final element of Cudos’ business is providing the foundation for other global companies to build out the next generation internet.

You can read all about Cudos on the Shadow Foundr blog and there is also plenty of information about the use-cases of Cudo Compute on

So rather than trying to list them all here, if you are interested in investing into this forward-thinking next generation company, please have a look at the plethora of information available. You can start by clicking here.

Cudos’ decentralised cloud computing network, using the company’s 100% carbon-neutral and green blockchain, is offering transparency and near-limitless computational capacity, at a fraction of the financial and environmental costs of the big global players.

Moreover, from a stakeholder perspective, Cudos is not only generating significant (and growing) revenues but is also providing the ability to distribute this wealth to anyone who contributes hardware to the network.

Put simply, Cudos is the Airbnb of compute and its enviable and growing list of commercial partners includes AMD, Sapphire, Tingo International Holdings, Open University, Sfera Technologies, NexGen, Chainlayer, and Algorand – providing an indication of the high esteem in which Cudos is held.

The founder, a highly successful entrepreneur, has invested £2m of his own money and the company has received further financial backing from twenty institutional and corporate investors in previous funding rounds.

Leading this round is Animoca Brands, which has invested £1.2m, to add to its existing holdings, which include MetaMask, OpenSea, Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Atari and Veloce Racing.

Already Cudos has attracted more than 500,000 users and last year achieved USD $10m in revenue, highlighting the fast growth trajectory this company is on.

And in more exciting news for investors, the team has recognised that the current market justifies a revaluation of the company to £75m, a 25% discount to the original £100m pre-money valuation.

If you would like to learn more about this unique opportunity, please email Please be aware that the opportunity will close next Tuesday, September 27th.

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