Convert Technologies Embarks on Rewards Based Crowdfunding Campaign

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Convert Technologies, Shadow Foundr investee company is preparing for the rewards based crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo, one of the first sites to offer crowdfunding to the world. The backers will be rewarded with DAT-Air – the only device able to wirelessly record & rip vinyl, tape and CDs, directly to your mobile device. Users can simply connect a turntable or a CD Drive to Dat-Air and use the companion app to wirelessly record or rip the audio to mobile devices. Users that sign up to participate in the campaign now will receive 50% discount with early bird launch offer.

The Dat-Air dongle was developed due to significant demand in the marketplace for a simple method of digitising vinyl and tape collections straight to a mobile device, without using a PC. In addition to this unique product offering, Convert is working on the development of new technologies and intellectual property for its Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The team are looking to take a new approach to tracking technology that will make use of fixed anchors to track moving objects in an IoT enable environment or “Smart-home”.

Already revenue generating, with the complete range of home entertainment technology offerings, the management aims to rapidly establish a presence in the UK Vinyl / CD, Wireless Audio, Wife Speakers and Headphones markets. This reward based crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo will complement to these plans and help Convert to expand its customer reach to gain stronger brand presence globally.

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