Coastr Wins Prestigious “Most Innovative Car Rental Platform” Award

Disruptive car-rental platform Coastr has been announced as the “Most Innovative Car Rental Platform” by Lux Life, at their 2021 Travel and Tourism Awards.

The awards acknowledge key players in the travel and tourism sector, responsible for bringing holidays and vacations to life.

It is rare to see companies in their infancy receive such prestigious titles and the award is recognition of Coast’s efforts in helping to improve the travel industry for customers and car rental operators alike.

Coastr is currently in the process of closing a seed round of up to £1.2m, whilst at the same time, engaged in some interesting discussions to develop their on-demand insurance offering, which would sit alongside their core car-rental platform.

This is on top of their recent partnership with Smartcar to deliver keyless entry and connected Cars technology with direct OEM integrations.

From a sales perspective, April was a busy month, with the business signing up seven new customers and a further seven new trials. May is looking just as promising, with 2 customer sign ups in the first week.

Still on sales, Coastr has confirmed its first tier-2 customer (Herd Hire – 1500 vehicles), with a pilot set for one site, prior to hopefully rolling out to rest of the company by August.

There are also 3 other tier 2 operators with similar sized inventory (including one with seven-thousand vehicles) which are currently in trials and actively participating in customer research and product roadmap development.

To learn more about Coastr, please click here.

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