Cityzenith Partnership Seeks Lower Carbon Emissions Within Energy Systems

Cityzenith has teamed up with technology and consulting company Ringtail to advance the use of Digital Twins in the decarbonisation of the world’s energy systems.

Ringtail, an energy transition and decarbonisation consulting firm, will partner with Cityzenith on smart energy and infrastructure projects to enable energy companies to meet their Net Zero goals by 2050.

The new partnership will show how Digital Twins can measure and visualise an energy system’s health at all levels, ensuring companies can accurately report, manage, and reduce carbon emissions in operations.

On the new partnership, Toby Kayes, Managing Director of Ringtail said, “Ringtail has been looking for the right Digital Twin technology partner for quite awhile. I attended a Digital Twin conference recently, and the standout contribution for me was from Michael Jansen, CEO of Cityzenith. I am very pleased to sign an agreement with Cityzenith, and together we are working on a number of opportunities.”

Michael Jansen, Cityzenith CEO said, “This partnership demonstrates our commitment to helping cities decarbonize. While buildings are of the biggest polluters globally, Energy Companies and Service Providers can certainly contribute through transitioning to clean, renewable energy and helping their customers monitor and optimise their usage.

“Ringtail is expertly positioned to help these organisations meet their objectives with the aid of our Digital Twin technology.”

The Ringtail partnership coincides with the recent progress of Cityzenith’s Clean CitiesClean Future program, sponsoring urban Digital Twin implementation within major cities to help commercial building owners reduce carbon emissions. New York was first to sign up, with Phoenix, Las Vegas and more US cities expected to follow.

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