CityZenith adds Advanced Search Capabilities to App

New Feature Adds Advanced Search Capabilities to Smart World™

Since launching just a few months ago, the Smart World™ big data platform has already made its way into major Smart City and Smart Campus projects from Australia to Panama to Florida. This autumn watch out for an announcement on its’ involvement in one of the largest Smart City projects in the world.

CityZenith are always developing new features and capabilities as we continue to expand and extend Smart World™’s breadth and depth of capabilities to users around the world. Today, they are pleased to share the launch of our new Asq™ feature! Asq is our Smart City and building project data search capability that allows users to quickly find any piece of information from across their building projects and portfolios in real-time with a simple command line prompt. Asq leverages the Smart World platform’s unique ability to index and geo-locate every “strand” of data in our semantically-enabled 3D city models, enabling users to Asq factual queries directly.

Users “Asq” simple questions about their projects—

  • “Show me all buildings in the Bronzeville area of the city of Chicago with a height greater than 100 feet.”
  • “Show me all police stations within 1km of my project location.”
  • “Show me all the schools with capacity greater than 400 and have more than 30 second graders.”

Asq will search your project layers, your personal layers, your 5D Smart City™ layers, your BIM models, and your databases, and help you find exactly what you are looking for in an instant. Find anything from a street intersection to a single sensor feed from an IoT device inside your BIM models– all you have to do is Asq!

For a preview of Asq in action, watch the video demonstration below.

Asq from Cityzenith on Vimeo.

About Cityzenith

Cityzenith’s award-winning 5D Smart World™ / Smart Campus™ software platform revolutionizes the way building professionals aggregate and analyze their Big Data to better design, build, and operate complex, multi-building project locations of any scale, anywhere in the world. The company is based in Chicago and London.

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