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Following the recent good news about Chayora opening its first data centre, we have been approached by an investor who would consider selling shares at between USD $2,500 and $3,000. There are 64 shares available in total.

Standard Chartered Bank invested into Chayora at $2,000 per share in March 2016, and although no official valuation has been set since then, a lot that has happened.

Just last week it was publicly announced Chayora had completed the first of nine data centres in Tianjin and announced a key strategic partnership, which the company believes will be instrumental in its business development efforts. As a result of the moment (see links below) the share price is expected to be worth substantially more by the end of this year, as the company continues to talk with other potential institutional investors.

Data Economy: Chayora Completes First Of Nine Data Centres In Tianjin As Part Of $2bn Jigsaw

Data Economy: Chayora Joins Forces With Sinnet To Better Its Data Centre Campus In China

Light Wave: Chayora opens first of nine data centers in Tianjin, China

If you are interested in acquiring some Chayora shares, please email Shares will be offered strictly on a first come-first served basis.

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