Campsited Concluding Round Early Following Close of Lead Investor

Following news that the lead investor of Campsited’s current funding round wishes to transact before Christmas, Campsited is closing off the round on December 14th.

This is great news for the company, as Enterprise Ireland follows its earlier investment into the business, however it does mean that you only have two weeks to follow the lead investors and make you own investment into Campsited.

Campsite bookings have exploded in popularity this past two years, with the Total Addressable Market for the sector in excess of £15 billion each year and the wider open air tourism market worth around £200 billion annually.

Incredibly, unlike for Hotels, Airbnb for self-stays and Hostel World for the backpacker market, there is no household brand name or global B2C platform to book every camping and open-air holiday experience around the world. This is the problem is solving.

The company already has over £170 million in bookable campsite inventory (across 18 countries) on its platform and boasts a leadership team with vast C-Suite and senior management experience from companies including Expedia,, Amazon, Ryanair, Citi Bank, IBM, HSBC and Vodafone.

Backed by Motley Fool Ventures (USA) and the Irish Government through Enterprise Ireland, and having already raised £3m of early funding, Campsited grew revenues by 5x in 2020 and is on track to grow revenue by a further 3x in 2021.

The company is now rapidly scaling its revenue growth with an intense customer acquisition strategy and closing off a second round of funding to accelerate this growth.

Already, more than £1m of the current £1.35m EIS funding round has been raised (including further investment from both Motely Fool Ventures and Enterprise Ireland), so the company is comfortable closing the round off on December 14th.

Campsited’s strategy is to be with its customers at every step of their journey – helping them find and book a great campsite, get to and from their campsite, book things to do when on holiday, and provide insurance for their loved ones, camper vans, belongings and even their pets.

If what the business is doing resonates and you would like to join them on this journey, please click here where you will find more information on this fast-moving company.

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