BookAclassic Goes Global in 30 countries, the emerging Airbnb of Vintage Car Rental


An undeniable game changer in the car rental industry, BookAclassic emerges as the leading vintage car rental company as it reaches 30 countries with access to over 20,000 premium cars to date. The online booking portal for rental classic vehicles confirms receiving more reservations since the past year that led up to their expansion to 3 more countries in early 2017.

Whether customers need a vintage bridal car or simply want to taste driving a classic car at historic cities whilst traveling, BookAclassic has wheels to match everyone’s needs. Drive with luxury and style inside an Aston Martin DB5 as you feel like James Bond in the action movie of your life! Imagine yourself driving an Alfa Romeo GT in Milan or a Fiat 500 in Toscana! And for Back to the Future movie fans, relive the movie scenes whilst driving a Delorean car model anywhere you want.


Matching Classic Cars

At, each country has its own selection of cars. Online visitors can view the profile of the cars. They can also select their in their preferred language.

The site has a wide array of sought after premium vintage and muscle cars with luxury models and colours to complement any type of event and purpose. Vintage car enthusiasts need not dream anymore with BookAclassic boasting over 20,000 classic cars.

Self-Drive Classic Cars for Cheap

When choosing the right car to rent, you are guaranteed to self-drive a classic car for a day, or even for a week – as long as you like. If you want to just sit back and relax, you can get the driver included in the price.

Alex Newell, a customer who rented a classic car in the UK, expressed that “BookAclassic has a fantastic selection of cars at very affordable rates.”

Lots of people dream of driving a classic car but typically hold back due to the hefty price tag. BookAclassic gives anyone the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience without paying the cost of owning one.

Experience Your Dream Vintage Car

Customers of BookAclassic share high-rating reviews of their experience driving classic cars for their travel or special events. Kelly and John visited Porto aboard in a Ford Super Deluxe. John said, “You can ride a bus, metro or taxi but none of those can ever compare with the sensation of driving a 1946 car through an old city with beautiful historic buildings”.

The question of “Why buy a pricey vintage car, when you can just rent one and experience the dream?” is apparent with the increasing demand for classic cars, revealing another emerging trend among car enthusiasts including millennial brides embracing the vintage wedding theme.

About BookAclassic

BookAclassic is the leading online booking portal for rental of classic and vintage vehicles and the world’s fastest growing platform for retro vehicles that never go out of style!

BookAclassic objective is fast becoming the preferred booking site for rental of classic vehicles worldwide. A straightforward online booking system and our efficient service are bringing in more customers every day. BookAclassic offers the most extensive online collection of classic and vintage vehicles for private and corporate events, film productions, commercials, fairs, and museums.

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