Assetly Presents us with Lessons and Opportunities in Blockchain

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We were treated with a great presentation from the team at Assetly earlier this week, which covered off, amongst other things, how Blockchain technology can and will eventually work in our everyday lives.

The Assetly team is extremely knowledgeable in this space has already built a highly successful financial services company in Australia, which is generating £600k revenue per annum. They have now put together a who’s who of entrepreneurial and financial-services expertise, to build out their digital asset exchange platform.

The platform could be a game-changer for financial services, creating a market for things that are currently hard or impossible to sell part of – think fractions of houses, classic cars, fine wines and artwork; any illiquid asset that you may hold but cannot easily turn into cash.

The stock market transformed the global economy by allowing companies to raise money through share issues and bonds. Thanks to blockchain technology and Assetly’s forward-thinking platform, this same transformative market power will now be in the hands of every asset holder.

This was a very informative presentation, so if you can set aside an hour of time, please click here to watch ‘Live Pitch’ webinar.

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