Assetly First Round Closed Following Strategic Acquisition

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Following the acquisition of a complementary financial services company that will add £1.2m per annum (90% recurring) and more than 1,300 customers, Assetly has closed its first round of funding.

Already a highly successful financial services company, Assetly is generating £600k revenue per annum, and is working with financial regulators to create a game-changing Fintech platform.

The recent acquisition will not only strengthen the company’s financial position but will also add a significant number of customers, who will ultimately be onboarded to the Assetly platform.

Following the acquisition and the news of two cornerstone investors putting in AUD$500k to the business, Assetly has now closed off the first round of funding and will commence a second round early in the new year at a slightly higher valuation.

The team is also keen to attract more potential clients to its platform and is lowering the investment entry level significantly to between £500 and £1,000, to allow this to happen. We will of course keep you posted.

To register your interest in Assetly’s second round of funding, please login and click here to view the coming soon opportunity.

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