Further Investment for Fertility Focus and OvuSense

Fertility Focus, the fertility technology experts behind OvuSense, a revolutionary, patented product which doubles the chances of conception each month, sold more units (494) than ever before in April and its enjoyed its highest ever monthly revenues of £62k.

This good news was enhanced by the commitment of two further investments from existing shareholders totalling £110k in the past week.

The potential target market for OvuSense is very significant, with 12 million women trying to conceive every year. Clinical studies show that around 25% of the total childbearing population suffer from one or more ovulatory issues, which rises to an estimated 70% of the population trying to conceive after six months.

With the goal of increasing pregnancy rates in infertile couples by up to 50%, Fertility Focus brings a brand-new approach to the issue of infertility diagnosis and treatment.

Fertility Focus, which recently started working with one of the UK’s top private banks, is a revenue-generating business with a run rate of £1m, has the backing of a leading VCT fund (£1m), the support of an institutional investor (£500k) and £250k already raised from angel groups. It is now seeking the final £200k worth of investment to complete the £2m raise in this round at a pre-money valuation of £4.4m.

If you want to invest in a business that is delivering a high margin SaaS revenue stream, which has serious institutional backing, is EIS eligible, and is transforming the lives of women and their families across the globe, or to learn more, please click here.

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