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Airbeem is pleased to confirm an exciting new partnership with DMA Media. DMA is a media engagement business whose core operation is setting up and running terrestrial, satellite and cable TV channels for broadcasters.

The partnership with Airbeem allows DMA Media to extend its commercial offering to include setup and delivery of online video channels, which will be bundled with existing TV channels or operate as standalone ventures.

The deal is worth £410,000 over three years and will see dedicated niche online video channels created for the Automotive, Finance and Fashion verticals.

Steve Hardman, CEO of Airbeem said, “This is a major deal for us that will see our multi-device online video delivery technologies sold into the television industry and beyond. The relationship with DMA will start with the roll-out of three high profile video channels, after which we expect many more”.

Targeting an under-served sector of the online video industry, which is forecast to grow to $50bn by 2020, Airbeem has already attracted an exclusive distribution and technology partnership with Comcast, the world’s largest TV broadcasting and cable company (think NBC in America).

This has resulted in deals with Samsung and EE and, consequently, the company is already delivering multiple revenue streams and has secured contracted fixed license fees worth more than £1.5m.

Airbeem’s management believes the company is perfectly positioned against its competitors to disrupt and capture a significant share of a rapidly expanding target market. Video content delivery has become complex and expensive but Airbeem’s SaaS (Software as a Service) business model solves that problem by offering a simple, yet necessary solution to video content owners.

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