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We’ve had some excellent news from ABBS, with the company signing a lucrative licensing deal with a global armoured-vehicle supplier.

The terms of the deal are under wraps, however ABBS CEO Roger Sloman said the partnership not only brings a significant amount of revenue to the business but will also allow for further collaboration, to maximise market opportunities for the ABBS technology.

On the back of this news, the company is also exploring an opportunity to create a completely new standard in “Head of State” protected vehicle design.

VIP vehicles currently only have ballistic protection up to armour-piercing small-arms threats, and only minimal protection against mine and IED threats (generally just two hand-grenades). So, even a small under-belly IED or mine can penetrate the vehicle and kill everyone in it.

With IED threats becoming prevalent worldwide, and especially in developing countries where groups are engaged in violent attempts to disrupt normal life in order to gain attention and power, Heads of State are an obvious target for assassination.

ABBS is now working hard to capitalise on this opportunity, which it believes could become at least a £2.5+ million development programme for the company and present another lucrative revenue stream.

With patented platform technology around mine-blast protection and Electronic Vertical Take-Off and Landing eVTOL vehicles, ABBS is already revenue generating and in profit, with an order book that is nearing £1m and growing quickly.

The company is currently in detailed conversations with both the US and Israeli militaries; and has a signed development agreement in place with the US Army.

And with the imminent commercialisation of passenger drones and flying cars, ABBS is now working directly with regulatory authorities around the world, including the FAA in the US, CAA in the UK and EASA in Europe, to develop the safety guidelines for the eVTOL sector.

The company has signed a joint market evaluation MOU with Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS), which supplies the great majority of whole aircraft parachute systems globally; and it is thought that ABBS’s technology could provide the framework for the safety systems of all eVTOL vehicles.

This is a market predicted to top $74 Billion by 2035 and is being aggressively pursued by the likes of Uber, Boeing, Airbus, Toyota, Intel and others.

To learn more about ABBS and its potential to be the go-to technology for both mine-blast protection for the military, and the safety platform for eVTOL aircraft, please click here.

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