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Genesis Featured in Prestigious Parliamentary Review

Shadow Foundr is delighted to see one of the companies it is raising for, Genesis Technical Systems, featured in this year's UK Parliamentary Review.

Convert Funding Round Extended to mid-Sept

Convert Technologies’ funding round with Shadow Foundr has been extended for two weeks and will now close on 17th September 2018. Convert was planning to close the current funding round at the end of August, but several interested parties requested ...

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LIfT BioSciences Making Great Strides Forward

LIfT BioSciences is delighted to be able to share with investors news of the great strides forward it has made in its research and development, company structure and partnerships in the last six months off the back of ...

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Genesis Funding Update

Genesis Technical System’s funding round with Shadow Foundr has been extended for one month and will now close 28 September 2018. As mentioned previously, Genesis was planning to close the current ...

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Why Convert Technologies? An Interview with the CEO

As Convert Technologies enters the final stretch of its current investment round with Shadow Foundr, we asked its CEO, Martin Boddy, a few probing questions about the work the company is currently embarked upon and the potential returns this might deliver?

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