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The Idea

Every year some 65,000 people across the world will have their lives improved by a kidney transplant, including 27,000 in Europe. Sadly, hundreds of patients die on the waiting list each year in the UK. Patients awaiting organ transplants die on the waiting list whilst organs are discarded due to criteria decided decades ago. Accunea addresses this disparity to make available more organs for transplant and reducing the numbers of deaths due to increasing waiting list times.

The company is raising £400,000 at £2,230,000 pre-money valuation. 

The business has ‘proof of concept’ in animal models and has its first prototype which will be tested in a human clinical study. Potential customers have been approached, are impressed with our achievements and keen to test the product on a research basis. This will provide a small revenue for the company before the technology is CE marked.

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Project Documents

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the Numbers

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