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The Idea

What’sInStore is the best way to shop for deals to save time and money.

What’sInStore is the world’s first AI engine (patent pending) that empowers shoppers to make buying decisions by sending them tailor-made information (to their phone and/or inbox) about products they are interested to hear about.

Where shoppers are Time poor/Cash strapped/FOMO (fearful of missing out on a deal they want) What’sInStore solves their problems. 

What’sInStore is:

FREE to all shoppers


FLEXIBLE to allow consumers to choose how far to go for their offers, what products they want and what stores they wish to visit. Choosing a store as a favourite gives shoppers all offers available in that store.

What’sInStore is available for internet or bricks and mortar buyers and sellers.

What’sInStore empowers retailers for the first time to see (and reach) shoppers searching for offers on the seller’s products (in the seller’s area) IN REAL TIME. This makes advertising more effective, makes more potential customers aware of their offerings, increasing footfall, sales and profit.

What’sInStore charges a small annual subscription (£250 per store) for unlimited use and for another small fee the buyer can use the What’sInstore concierge service to advise and direct or if they lack the time to make the offer themselves.

What’sInStore is owned and been built by Appy Zebra Limited (an SEIS/EIS company registered in England). What’sInStore is available in both Apple and Android apps and includes a website (which allows shoppers to see all offers for anything available). To date, several thousand users have signed up.

The company is raising £150,000 at a £1.5m pre-money valuation under the SEIS scheme. 

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The Market

The potential global marketplace is unlimited. No buyer or seller with connectivity to the internet around the world needs to miss out. Any buyer of goods or services anywhere in the world either locally in a physical environment or on the web is a potential user providing they have (internet) connectivity. Any seller is a potential What’sInStore customer providing they have a product to offer.

Initially, What’sInStore will focus on the UK and specifically on the UK grocery market which has a potential 28m shoppers. There are 87,041 physical outlets selling grocery in the UK.

Categories have also been created for other specialist UK non-food retailers such as bicycle shops, electrical stores, house goods retailers, restaurants, car retailers etc. Rollout to these 390,000 outlets will evolve over the first 2 years.

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The Team

Exit Strategy

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Live Pitch

Project Documents

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the Numbers

Target: £150,000 Raised so far: £51,500.00 Investors: 12
  • Days Left
  • Funded

top investors

Elaine : £10,000 claudine : £10,000 Ijaz : £5,000 rob : £5,000

the Company

Registered number: 9089351 Incorporation date: 17 June 2014 Website: http://www.whatsinstore.co.uk/