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The Idea

EMSOL is challenging business and local authorities to intelligently tackle transport pollution by defining their own local emission limits based on air and noise quality data, and vehicle tracing. Utilising EMSOL's sensor technology, presence detection, data analytics, and an IoT platform to unlock environmental insights that enables rapid, permanent, and actionable change.
Reducing the impact of transport pollution is a key priority for the public, government, and business. EMSOL sees the greatest improvements in local air quality coming from targeted inventions identifying who, when, and where issues arise.
By connecting continuous air and noise emissions data to vehicles or assets (plant and machinery) tracing and accurate presence detection, EMSOL identifies the cause of emissions breaches. These insights are used to drive targeted interventions to control issues with emissions performance, malfunctions, vehicle movement, and identify the worst emitters, (resulting from driver behavior and specific vehicles).
EMSOL is already working with local councils, fleet operators, and developers generating data-led insights to act on the causes of transport pollution and manage vehicle activity. With successful deployments in the construction, rail, and waste refuge, there is serious potential to scale EMSOL within each sector.

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the Numbers

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the Company

Registered number: 10547298 Incorporation date: 4 January 2017 Website: https://emsol.io/