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The Idea

Green Light Change (GLC) offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform called ‘Insight’.

Insight is a new way to deliver projects that is already proven to increase corporate margins in under 4 months.

For decades, software suppliers have consistently failed to give construction company executives meaningful real-time insight across their project portfolios. Senior management are forced to ‘drive the car wearing a blindfold’. They only discover that something was wrong after a costly failure.

The approach followed by all software vendors is to supply yet another proprietary application. This requires their clients to change the way they work to suit the software. Invariably many resist using the new software. They revert to using the ubiquitous spreadsheet. The result is a patchwork of software applications and spreadsheets forming many opaque ‘data-silos’. This is an endemic and widespread situation.

At senior levels of management, the problem is most acute. They lack a real-time, cross-functional view of status and forecasts in a format that works for them. 1,000s of hours are wasted building Board level reports that are often weeks or more behind reality, are incomplete and may contain significant errors. 

Insight takes a new and unique approach. It casts a net over the data silos, connecting them to form a shared single version of the truth. Unlike all of our competitors, Insight connects Excel™ spreadsheets too. 

Managers gain real-time insight into what’s happening across the company’s projects and business functions. Pro-active planning, forecasting and decision making replaces the cost and risk of driving the company using the rear-view mirror. Pertinent data flows to and from everyone involved in projects. If there are gaps, connected spreadsheets can be easily added. Workflows are simplified and cohesive teamwork is greatly increased.

The zero-disruption characteristic of Insight and its ability to meet the needs for all who work with it ensures full adoption. This results in strong stakeholder support, short deployment times and confidence that expectations will be met.

The platform has already been adopted by customers. They have seen astonishingly rapid results - one of these is Ramboll Group A/S, a £1.3bn Global Construction company.

At Ramboll, Insight went live in 35 countries in less than 4 months. A €4.5M, 12% increase to the bottom line has already been sustainably achieved on the first 100 projects of a 50,000 project portfolio. Board level report building effort has reduced by over 97%.

Needless to say, Ramboll’s senior executive team are impressed and highly referenceable.

Whilst GLC’s initial focus is on the construction industry, Insight will be applied to many other vertical markets. Examples include M&A, aerospace, consulting services, and business transformation across all markets.

With a product that is delivering, a proven team and an experienced Advisory Board in place, GLC is positioning for acquisition by a larger software company. Examples of acquisitions in this space include Oracle which acquired Primavera in 2008 and Aconex in 2018 to augment its construction industry product offerings.


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The Market

GLC’s addressable market is conservatively estimated to be in excess of £6bn globally. Given that we solve unmet needs across an intersection of three adjacent markets (diagram below) this market size will likely prove to be many times larger. There is no directly competitive market to measure against. We have estimated our market as all of Project Portfolio Management, all of rapidly growing Connected Planning and a 5% slice of Business Reporting and Analytics. The vast majority of medium to large business would benefit from Insight.

As repeatedly evidenced, even those currently spending £millions on enterprise business software applications will not eliminate multiple data silos and spreadsheets. GLC Insight is essential to ‘joining to dots’ and delivering real-time reporting for senior leaders.

The Market

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The Team

Exit Strategy

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