The Idea

Assetly is a digital asset exchange based on blockchain that allows anyone to trade fractions of any asset they choose, in real time with a true secondary market.

What does this mean exactly?  It means that anyone can sell part of anything to anyone else instantly and the buyer can then on-sell that same thing seconds later if they wish.

It’s a market for things that are currently hard or impossible to sell part of – think fractions of houses, classic cars, fine wines and artwork; any illiquid asset that you may hold but cannot easily turn into cash.

The stock market transformed the global economy by allowing companies to raise money through share issues and bonds. This same transformative market power will now be in the hands of every asset holder.

Assetly acts as a property title system to track the owner of property or part of a property.

It allows younger investors to buy small fractions of any asset the platform allows to list.

It allows asset holders to sell part of or all their asset while still retaining physical possession. The rights to income or control transfer to the new owner or owners.

The platform is highly flexible – any asset can be listed including:

  • Homes or investment properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Loans and commercial bonds
  • Commodities (eg fixed amount assets such as gold)
  • International currencies held on trust
  • Leases and other commercial contracts with rights
  • Financial instruments such as options or futures
  • Shares in usually unlisted companies
  • Vehicles and registered assets (commercial equipment etc)
  • Collectables (wine, art)

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The Market

While the assets Assetly will manage are part of a multi-trillion dollar market, the management team puts more emphasis on acquiring Paying Users Per Month (SaaS). There are 8 million people aged between 25 and 50 in Australia; 0.1% market penetration means 8,094 customers, 5% is 404.743 customers and 15% is 1.2m customers in Australia alone. It is enough to seed growth in international markets.

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Q & A

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Exit Strategy

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Project Documents

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the Numbers

Target: £570,000 Raised so far: £286,000.00 Investors: 1
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  • Funded

top investors

Assetly Shareholders : £286,000