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The Idea

Convert Technologies is a specialised and disruptive company which develops and licenses innovative technology for a range of industries, especially the HiFi & Home Entertainment sectors.

Backed by lead investor, Mel Morris, formerly of King Games (who produced Candy Crush), which sold to Activision for $5.9bn in 2016, Convert is led by an experienced team with many successful exits, including the sale of Nexsan Technologies to iMation Corporation for $120m in 2012.

With protected IP, grant money vindication, retail traction, a huge market to tap into and the potential to move into other sectors by licensing their tech, Convert is well placed to deliver a period of rapid growth.

Convert is seeking to raise £300k in this round, which equates to 7% of the business and the full amount is eligible for SEIS. The campaign is being undertaken to fuel ambitious growth plans.

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The Market

The team has undertaken extensive market research in their targeted markets.

Vinyl and CD Markets

  • Vinyl sales up 26.8% in the UK in 2017 compared to 2016 (BPI, 03/01/18).
  • Vinyl records accounted for 1 in 10 physical format sales in the UK in 2017 (BPI based on official chart data, Jan 2018).
  • 40 million CDs sold in 2017, (BPI, All about the Music 2016).

Wireless Audio Market

The wireless audio market is expected to grow from USD $16.13bn in 2016 to USD $31.80bn by 2023, at a CAGR of 10.06% between 2017 and 2023 (Markets and Markets Research Ltd Feb 2018)

Headphone Market

  • The global market size was valued at $8.7bn in 2015, and its continued rise is largely driven by growth in mobile smart devices.
  • The global headphone market is expected to be worth $15.8bn by 2025.
  • Wireless models accounted for a significant share in 2015 and are expected to be ‘the next big thing’ over the forecast period.

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Exit Strategy

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Live Pitch

Project Documents

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the Numbers

Target: £300,008 Raised so far: £301,689.08 Investors: 12
  • Days Left
  • Funded

top investors

Anthony : £100,000 Convert Investors : £50,002 Duncan : £25,000 Mark : £25,000

the Company

Registered number: 8505500 Incorporation date: 26 April 2013 Website: http://www.convert-av.com/