The Idea

Every year, 12 million women start trying to conceive. In the US, EU and even China, reports claim that over 50% of women trying to conceive, are over the age of 30.

A third of all women trying to conceive, do so for 6 months or more. Clinical studies show over 75% of these women have an ovulatory issue.

Fertility Focus, through their patented product OvuSenseTM, solves this problem by predicting ovulation 24 hours in advance for all women including those with ovulatory issues, doubling the chance of pregnancy for each reproductive cycle.

OvuSense comprises a vaginal Sensor and smartphone app for data upload. It operates on a Software as a Service model which is already achieving the average lifetime value required per customer to meet forecast targets. OvuSense measures Core Temperature - a direct indicator of the level of progesterone, additionally enabling diagnosis of ovulatory issues and monitoring of treatment.

OvuSense is a fully regulated Class 2 medical device and complies with all the necessary certifications for the countries in which it is available - Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia. 
The OvuSense App builds up a complete picture of a women’s ovulation cycle over time, presenting the data in an easy-to-follow chart that pinpoints exactly where the fertile window is in her cycle.

In addition, OvuSense allows a user to sign-up her clinician, partner, family, and friends so they can share their charts.

While there are a lot of other fertility aids on the market, OvuSense is different because it offers 99% clinically proven accuracy of ovulation confirmation and the 24-hour prediction ‘in cycle’.  No other product on the market can do this.

Launched in August 2016, the OvuSense App and Sensor product has grown into a significant contributor of the cash to Fertility Focus, with clinical, IP, regulatory, technology, support and systems risks removed.

On this firm base, the company raised £400k from its current shareholders in 2017 and proved it could double sales with twice the digital marketing spend. Sales are now at a run-rate of

Targeting exit by trade sale in a 3-5-year timeframe, OvuSense will provide potential acquirers with 3 key assets:

  1. Acquisition of customers trying to conceive
  2. Detailed cycle characteristics database will enable improved diagnosis and treatment of causes of infertility
  3. High margin SaaS revenue stream

Fertility Focus already has two institutions as significant shareholders in the business. The company is now completing an angel round of £500k (with £235k already raised) at a pre-money valuation of £4.1m.

A further £500k-£1.5m will be raised from institutional investors.

A term sheet for £500k is already in place from a first institution.

Funds will be spent on accelerating sales through additional digital marketing spend to take the business through to breakeven in 12 months.

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The Market

The potential market for OvuSense eclipses £3bn in EU, US and Australasia territories. Fertility Focus Ltd breaks this down as:

  • 22m new potential users per year
  • 12m women at various stages in the “Trying to Conceive” process
  • 3.6m potential users who would use OvuSense to avoid natural pregnancies
  • 6.4m users who are already pregnant who would use OvuSense in the future (subject to new sensors being developed, as discussed above)

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Exit Strategy

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the Numbers

Target: £250,000 Raised so far: £100,000.00 Investors: 8
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John : £50,000 Jonathan : £20,000 Robin : £15,000 Andrew : £5,000

the Company

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