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The Idea

Salad Box is a successful healthy fast-food restaurant chain in Europe, which, in just its fifth year of operations, turned over £17m. It is forecasting £21m in revenue for 2017.

From its humble beginnings with one restaurant in Romania in 2012, Salad Box now has 55 outlets throughout Romania, Hungary, Algeria, Bulgaria, the US and now the UK.
The company is also opening restaurants in the Czech Republic and Ireland in the coming months.

So rapid has the growth of Salad Box been, that in just 5 years it has become the largest restaurant chain of healthy food in Romania and the third largest fast-food chain in the country, behind McDonalds and KFC.

With the foundations firmly in place, the brand is now looking to expand in the UK and other parts of Europe, with the help of a strategic partner, which owns the exclusive franchise rights for the UK, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland.

The target number of locations to be opened by this partner across these territories over the next five years is 115, with a targeted turnover of more than £55m.

This partner has more than 700 parties interested in purchasing franchises and has already sold a master franchise in Ireland, where 20 locations will be opened in the next 5 years, three of which will be opened in Cork and Dublin by January 2018.

They have also already opened two flagship locations at Brick Lane in Central London and Kingston Upon Thames, with one set to open in Swansea, imminently.

An opportunity now exists for a handful of investors to take part in this expansion programme by purchasing shares in the company that owns these exclusive franchise rights. Around £90,000 of investment remains eligible under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

The product and brand have both proved to be a major success in a very short space of time and the team behind this opportunity believe that Salad Box could become a household name throughout the UK and the rest of Europe, within the next five years.

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The Market

Salad Box outlines its market opportunity by comparing the purchasing power and population of the target territory compared to that of Romania where they have experienced marked success. For example;

  • Romania has a population of 21.6m with a purchasing power parity (PPP) of £16,000
  • The UK has almost 3x the population at 64m, as well as double the purchasing power per capita with £31,600 per capita PPP

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Exit Strategy

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Project Documents

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the Numbers

Target: £222,220 Raised so far: £377,746.24 Investors: 6
  • Days Left
  • Funded

top investors

: £200,000 John : £78,901 Michael : £44,444 : £22,222

the Company

Registered number: 9590357 Incorporation date: 14 May 2015 Website: http://www.saladbox.co.uk/en