The Idea

Based out of Loughborough University, Dynamic Flow Technologies Ltd (DFTL) has spent the past 7 years developing a unique and patented non-intrusive Microwave Waste Water Meter, which accurately measures the volume of water flowing through sewers.

This is important because at present, waste water usage is often the result of guess work, meaning many business customers are being grossly overcharged.

And April 2017, has marked the start of deregulation of the Water Industry, meaning 1.3 million industrial and commercial customers will be looking for a better deal and an accurate way of being charged.

DFTL’s unique meters are cost-effective, easy to install, attracting the interest of large water utilities as a way to win new business, but most importantly, are proven to save companies lots of money.

A case study with Atlantic Linen, a leading linen hire and laundry service, showed that DFTL’s meter saved them up to £800 per month, with the product paying for itself in less than 9 months.

Throughout its 7 years of development, around £1.5m has been invested into the business in the form of founders’ funds and grants; and the company has been ably supported and advised by large clean water meter manufacturer, Elster (now part of Honeywell) and two UK water utilities, Wessex Water (owned by large Malaysian group YTL) and Anglian Water.

Two of these early partners have expressed an interest in purchasing licences and/or shares in the company.

DFTL has been awarded six grants, including the Innovate UK grant on three occasions, and patents have been granted in the US and UK, with the EU pending.

With the R&D phase concluded, DFTL is now generating revenue, having sold 30 trial units into some of the biggest names in the water industry. And following the success of those trials, the company is now seeking up to £800k of growth capital, to fully commercialise its unique, patented products and take advantage of its first-mover advantage and a growing distribution pipeline. 

The products are globally scalable and the company’s key distributor, which is looking at taking a significant equity position in DFTL, has distribution in 70 countries. The potential for growth is vast.

DFTL has EIS Advanced Assurance from HMRC and is in discussions with several groups regarding next stage funding and even exit, meaning Shadow Foundr investors may only have a limited window to take a stake in the company.

Take a look at the video above to understand the problem DFTL’s products are solving and the company’s potential for growth.

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The Market

The analysis of the potential market shows it is substantial, with a combination of drivers from fairer charging, rainfall catchment monitoring, and smart sewer network monitoring from the water utility customers.

Some of these water companies are currently hiring equipment for measurement, but this spend is planned to convert to permanent monitoring with DFTL’s WasteWater Meter.

Assuming that DFTL secures a conservative 3% of the market, this would equate to 67,200 meters per annum (at avg. price of £1,750 per unit); which would result in revenue of £117m for the UK market alone.

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The Team

Exit Strategy

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the Numbers

Target: £600,000 Raised so far: £ 247,921.00 Investors: 30
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  • Funded

top investors

Robin : £25,000 Gianluca : £19,420 David : £16,000

the Company

Registered number: 7010201 Incorporation date: 5 September 2009 Website: