The Idea

Shadow Foundr is the crowdfunding platform in the USD $12Bn Fintech Sector, that lets you follow the lead of experienced investors before committing to an opportunity. All our opportunities are funded to a minimum of 30% before they appear on the platform, meaning an investment has serious backing before someone from the Crowd commits.


We believe Track Record is the mark of success. But it is not about the number of successful raises or the amount a Crowdfunding Platform has raised; it’s all about the success they create for their investors.

By focusing on investor-needs first and foremost, we unearth businesses that have the potential to create success that investors can share in. We are aiming to disrupt the existing crowdfunding space by using rigid Due Diligence, rejecting outrageous valuations and picking the right companies for investors, from the outset.

Through our investor-led focus, we aim to turn the existing crowdfunding success rate on its head, to prove that the sector is a viable way for everyday investors to make genuine returns, and show that equity crowdfunding has a sustainable future in the alternative finance space.

By doing so, our objective is to become one of the key players in the global equity crowdfunding market.

To fund our growth and exit plans, Shadow Foundr is raising up to £1m GBP, under the Enterprise Investment Scheme. Funds will be used to scale the business considerably, to include an Advisory Board with likely representation from either Venture Capitalists (VC’s) or Private Equity Firms and persons with relevant and valuable experience who will increase the profile of the company and attract investors.

Take a look at this short video to understand Shadow Foundr’s proposition, why we are different and where we are looking to take the company over the next few years.

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The Market

Crowdfunding is a worldwide movement, gathering significant momentum. Goldman Sachs (March 2015) claimed Crowdfunding globally was “potentially the most disruptive of all models of finance” In 2015, the total Global Crowdfunding Industry’s estimated fundraising volume was USD $34.4Bn.

Due to all-time low interest rates, many people are looking for alternative ways to invest their cash. As a result, Equity Crowdfunding is now one of the fastest growing models in the UK, transforming the alternative finance space here.

In 2015, Crowdfunding grew by 84% in to £3.2Bn raised, compared to £1.74Bn in 2014. The market is developing at pace, with opportunities now expanding to include Property Crowdfunding and Invoice Factoring. In 2013 the total crowdfunding volume in the UK was £666m. In 2014 that figure shot up to £1.74Bn, before growing to £3.2Bn in 2015.

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The Team

Exit Strategy

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the Numbers

Target: £1,000,000 Raised so far: £ 790,478.00 Investors: 53
  • Days Left
  • Funded

top investors

Lead Investors : £186,632 David : £64,800 Michael : £49,986 Ashley : £45,000

the Company

Registered number: 9496687