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The Idea

The ability to keep things cool, whether people, food, medicines, or critical infrastructure, is one of the founding technological innovations at the heart of virtually all economic and social progress over the past 75 years or so.

However, what happens if there is no reliable grid infrastructure? What happens if you are in the large parts of Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Indian Sub-Continent, or on islands throughout the world, where you are reliant on inefficient, expensive and polluting diesel generators?

The answer is, more often than not, that you go without; with all of the economic, financial and social and human consequences, which that entails.

In India for example, official Government statistics state that 40% of all fresh produce is wasted because it cannot be kept cool; in parts of Africa, 15% of GDP is being spent on diesel fuel; in Saudi Arabia, 70% of all domestic energy consumption in the summer is for air-conditioning; and the list goes on.

ChillTechnologies Limited is a British company that manufactures and sells small-scale, low-cost, absorption chillers that provide ultra-low cost cooling, using the waste heat from diesel generators, gas turbines and biomass burners.

They can be utilised off-grid or to supplement grid-sourced power, and offer a totally new solution for chilling and other life critical applications in the many global hot and water-constrained environments, where grid infrastructure is either deficient or non-existent.

The Company’s technology is fully developed, operational and has been successfully deployed in Australia, where it has been operating for nearly two years, powering and cooling (and making water) for local government and school buildings; with complete success and zero downtime.

In fact, the pilot program in Australia has just two chillers on site, yet has improved the efficiency of Combined Power, Cooling & Heat systems (CPCHs) by 235% and the customer has saved in excess of AUD $100,000 per annum in electricity costs since installation.

ChillTech believes it has an enormous opportunity ahead of it, both to build a successful and profitable business and to do some good in the world.

The company addresses a number of very pressing issues in the developing and poorer parts of the world; those most afflicted by “energy poverty”.

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The Market

ChillTech’s strategy provides a solution for the many markets which are currently heavily reliant on standard electrical power for chilling, and represent a global multi-billion dollar opportunity - the genset market itself was worth some $16bn in 2013, and is expected to reach $23bn by 2018 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.53%.

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Q & A

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Exit Strategy

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Project Documents

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the Numbers

Target: £400,000 Raised so far: £429,400.00 Investors: 35
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top investors

Maatschap : £90,000 Michael : £75,000 Yew : £20,600 Peter : £17,200

the Company

Registered number: 8923652 Incorporation date: 5 March 2014 Website: https://www.chilltech.cool/