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What is the Followers Investment Platform?

Shadow Foundr offers a fast and simple investment model for companies seeking to raise funds. The Followers Investment Platform, powered by Shadow Foundr’s bespoke technology, is a slick, automated platform which enables companies wishing to raise funds through family, friends and followers, the opportunity to do so in a proven and sophisticated way. This secure, online investment platform is a confidential space where high-growth businesses can quickly connect with their own network of investors, share information, secure investment and grow. With the help of the Followers Investment Platform, you can navigate the fundraise process by unlocking and monetising your community of investors.


  • A regulated and compliant way to raise funds.
  • Fully automated platform & payments system, including Anti Money Laundering (AML) for a flat fee.
  • Access to Shadow Foundr’s extensive investor network (if your company gains traction).
  • No commission charged for onboarding your own investors.

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Who is it for?

The platform is for any company looking for growth or seed capital, that has access to friends, family and followers, who believe in the business and wish to take an equity stake or simply support the company. The Followers Investment Platform helps companies unlock potential equity investment in a compliant manner, through their close networks, be they associates, family, customers or other supporters. If your company could do with some additional funding, the Followers Platform offers an automated, sophisticated and compliant manner, in which to attract it.

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Our criteria for submission

Minimum Target Raise: £50,000.

An Investment Deck to include:

  • Executive summary of the opportunity
  • Market overview (size, growth, target segment)
  • Team overview & current share ownership
  • A description of the product and the problem it solves
  • The model – will it disrupt a sector?
  • Has the concept been proven?
  • Is there any Intellectual Property?
  • Revenue and cash flow projections - how much revenue generated to date?
  • The Investor Proposition: amount to be raised; pre-money valuation; stage of the company (proof of concept, MVP, revenue generating etc.); use of funds; exit strategy.
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What are the benefits?

  • Completely automated investment process, including mandatory AML/KYC security checks & Investor Categorisation.
  • Client funds held by an independent Regulated Custodian.
  • Facilitation of all client on-boarding through the platform.
  • Speedy rollout & turnaround.
  • A platform built around great user experience for investors.
  • With secure access via tablet, desktop and smartphone, investing is made easy.
  • Your time better spent on driving the business forward, rather than chasing investment funds.
  • Cash-flow friendly, with minimal upfront costs.
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What is the cost?

Our platform allows you to onboard your own investors for a flat fee of £2k (+vat) plus an administrative fee of 2% to cover regulatory requirements, including Know Your Client (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks and money handling fees. Your opportunity then has 4 weeks on the platform, for you to onboard investors from you own personal network. After 4 weeks, if you believe you have more investors to onboard, you can keep the opportunity on the platform at a cost of £500 (+vat) per month. Once you have some traction with your own network, we can then give you access to Shadow Foundr’s network of private investors and follow-on funders.

When we bring the campaign across from a private raise to our front-end platform and put the opportunity before our investors, we charge a small percentage of what we raise. For any additional investors brought in by you during the public raise, we charge just 2% to cover the administration fees.

Additional fee considerations:

If a company wishes to produce a video to help promote and market the opportunity to our investor network, there is a fee of £2k (plus vat) for this service.

If a company needs assistance getting ‘investor-ready’, we can support you by helping to compile your deck and Information Memorandum for a fee of £2k (plus vat).

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How do I apply?

Please follow the link below to complete an initial questionnaire before embarking upon a short application process.

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